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The election is coming…
The election is coming...

On May 22nd 2014 we’ll see elections to both the European Parliament across, well, Europe and, in many places, elections to local councils – including every single London council seat. Just like last year this site won’t be taking sides but will be highlighting the left campaigns, providing information on their candidates, watching the Green […]

Greens take on the Europe debate
Greens take on the Europe debate

There was a time when the left was unremittingly anti-EU. Both the dear departed Bob Crow and Tony Benn were vociferous opponents of the European Union, may they rest in peace. Indeed the Communist Party of Britain is still in there, trying to raise £10,000 to make sure No2EU is on the Euro-ballot paper this […]

European elections 2014: a pending left disaster?
European elections 2014: a pending left disaster?

Dave Parks, Exeter Left Unity Coordinator, writes (in a personal capacity) on what lies ahead for the left in 2014.   The biggest electoral test before the 2015 general election will be the European elections which are scheduled to take place on 22nd May 2014. The local elections will almost certainly take place on the […]

Is the left thinking about next year’s Euros?
Is the left thinking about next year's Euros?

On the 22nd of May next year (2014) the European elections across Europe will be likely to deliver shock waves to the austerity agenda. Or at the very least give it a shot across the bows. While the results from Spain, Greece, and Italy will be the most eye-catching the British left will almost certainly decide, at […]