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Northern Council candidates 2014

Listings of Green target candidates and left of Labour candidates with local links where available (where candidates or details have been missed please do let us know).



  • Tonge with the Haulgh: Eric Hyland (Left Unity)


  • Deckham Norman Hall (TUSC);
  • High Fell Elaine Brunskill (TUSC)


  • Anfield: Louise Boothroyd (National Health Action)
  • Belle Vale: Roy Dixon (TUSC)
  • Everton Roger Edwards (TUSC)
  • Greenbank: Simon Worthington (TUSC)
  • Kensington and Fairfield: Dave Jones (TUSC)
  • Kirkdale: Roger Bannister (TUSC)
  • Norris Green Mary Wheeler (TUSC)
  • Old Swan: Martin Ralph (Old Swan against the Cuts) (member of the International Socialist League)
  • Picton: Frank Bowen (TUSC)
  • Princes Park: Daren Island (TUSC)
  • Riverside: John Marston (TUSC)
  • St. Michael’s: Tom Crone (Green target)
  • St. Michael’s: Giorgo Moulas (TUSC)
  • Tuebrook & Stoneycroft Craig Pearson (TUSC)
  • Waventry: Stephen McNally (National Health Action)


  • Ancoats & Clayton Alex Davidson  (TUSC)
  • Ardwick Jack Metcalf  (TUSC)
  • City Centre Thomas Simpson  (TUSC)
  • East Didsbury Sam Gleaden  (TUSC)
  • Fallowfield Zoe Brunswick  (TUSC)
  • Hulme Conor Price (TUSC)
  • Hulme: (Green target) (Green results in Manchester 2012)
  • Mossside: Colette Williams (Respect)
  • Rusholme John McFarlane  (TUSC)
  • West Didsbury Fred Horton  (TUSC)
  • Whalley-Range Alex Dunbar  (TUSC)
  • Withington Liam Curless (TUSC)
  • Wythenshaw: Catherine Higgins (Respect)


  • Byker Ryan Homes  (TUSC)
  • Dene Ian Cusack  (TUSC)
  • North Heaton Lizi Gray (TUSC)
  • Ouseburn Robert Hooper (TUSC);
  • South Heaton Paul Phillips (TUSC)
  • Walker Bobbie Cranney (TUSC)
  • Walkergate: Martin Levy (Communist Party of Britain)
  • Westgate:  David King (TUSC)

North Tyneside

  • Benton: Tim Wall (TUSC)
  • Riverside: William Jarreett (TUSC)
  • Walsend: Martin Collins (Green)
  • Weetslade Lynne Sample (TUSC)



  • Anston and Woodsets: David Foulstone (Green Party)
  • Boston Castle Raisah Mahmood (Respect – George Galloway)
  • Boston Castle Chris Bingham (TUSC)
  • Holderness Paul Marshall (TUSC)
  • Rotherham East: Richard Penycate (Green Party)
  • Rotherham West: Sarah Mahmood (Respect – George Galloway)
  • Rother Vale: Neil Adshead (TUSC)
  • Sitwell: Naveen Judah (National Health Action – Patients Not Profits)


  • Barton: Susan Wright (TUSC)
  • Broughton: Alan Metcalfe (TUSC)
  • Cadishead: Diane Cawood (TUSC)
  • Claremont: Matthew Kilsby (TUSC)
  • Irlam: Jackie Anderson (Reality Party)
  • Irwell: Graham Cooper (TUSC)
  • Little Hulton: Terry Simmons (TUSC)
  • Ordsall: Tanya Burch (TUSC)
  • Swinton South: Steve Cullen (TUSC)
  • Weaste and Seedley: Paul Quinn (TUSC)


  • Netherton & Orrell Pete Glover (TUSC)

St Helens

  • Earlestown Tom Gearing (TUSC)
  • Haydock Sean Marsh (TUSC)
  • Rainford Tracy Heaton (TUSC)


  • Castle: Gary Duncan (TUSC)
  • Hendon: Owen Taylor (TUSC)
  • Millfield: Karen Sinclair (TUSC)
  • St Peter’s Doug Beavers (TUSC)
  • Washington East Wilfred Laws (TUSC)


  • Denton South Dean Kavanagh (TUSC)


  • Aspull, New Springs & Whelley: Stuart Bolton (Left Unity)
  • Atherleigh: Stephen Hall (Left Unity) 
  • Atherton: Craig Wilson (Left Unity)
  • Hindley: Ian Heyes (Left Unity)
  • Ince: Janet Phillips (Left Unity)
  • Pemberton: Adele Andrews (Left Unity)
  • Standish with Langtree Shari Holden (TUSC)
  • Wigan West: Hazel Duffy (Left Unity)

13 Responses to Northern Council candidates 2014

  1. Harry Blackwell says:

    Martin Ralph, candidate of Old Swan Against the Cuts in Liverpool says on his election statement that he is also a member of the International Socialist League, a little known ‘Morenist’ group.

  2. Stephen Hall says:

    Eric Hyland is standing in the Bolton MBC area for Left Unity in the Tonge with The Haulgh Ward

    I think TUSC also have candidates standing in the City of Salford in up to 7 wards

    Jackie Armstrong is standing in Irlam & Cadishead Ward for The Reality Party (Barton Moss is in this Ward) who are amongst other things against fracking.

  3. Stephen Hall says:

    Correction: It’s Jackie Anderson standing for The Reality Party in the Irlam Ward (which is adjacent to Barton Moss)

    The Salford City Council candidates standing for TUSC are:

    Cadishead: Diane Cawood
    Barton: Susan Wright
    Swinton South: Steve Cullen
    Little Hulton: Terry Simmons
    Broughton: Alan Metcalfe
    Ordsall: Sally Griffiths
    Irwell Riverside: Graham Cooper
    Claremont: Matthew Kilsby
    Weaste & Seedley: Paul Quinn

  4. Stephen Hall says:

    I’m on Twitter btw @WiganLeftUnity

  5. Steve Faragher says:

    I am standing in Kensington and Fairfield and I am left of Labour(not difficult these days)Can you include me in the list

    • Jim Jepps says:

      Happy to! Are you standing as an independent or with an organsiation?

    • Harry Blackwell says:

      In Liverpool Kensington & Fairfield, Independent Steve Faragher polled 151 votes 5.6%, and came third behind Labour and UKIP and ahead of LibDem, Tory, TUSC (Dave Jones 41 votes 1.5%) and Liberal.

  6. Harry Blackwell says:

    Wigan Left Unity Results:

    Wigan West Hazel Duffy 252 8.8% 3rd
    Atherton Craig Wilson 129 4.2% 4th
    Atherleigh Stephen Hall 85 3.7% 4th
    Pemberton Adele Andrews 85 3.3% 4th
    Ince Janet Phillips 79 3.2% 4th
    Hindley Ian Heyes 78 2.9% 4th
    Aspull New Springs Whelley Stuart Bolton 88 2.6% 5th
    Total 796 4.1%

  7. Harry Blackwell says:

    Old Swan Against the Cuts Martin Ralph 296 8.5%
    3rd in a very crowded field (behind Labour and UKIP, but ahead of Green, Liberal, LibDem, Tory and English Democrats).

    (NB Martin Ralph is a member of the International Socialist League, an organisation based in Liverpool linked with one of the splinters from the Fourth International associated at one time with the Argentine Trotskyist factionalist, Nahuel Moreno. The ISL have recently been permitted to join the International Socialist Network, a split last year from the British SWP. The ISN have supported Left Unity.)

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