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The Left Vote is a site dedicated to highlighting the election campaigns of those to the left of the stifling Westminster consensus. It is not affiliated to any left grouping, will no doubt highlight flawed or controversial candidates alongside sound and solid ones. We’re not here to judge, although we shall discuss and evaluate the success, or otherwise, of the various campaigns.

Set up in time for the 2013 English County elections we hope, of course, to play a fuller role in 2014’s Euro-elections and London’s local elections, as well as 2015’s vital General Election.


jim smallEditor: Jim Jepps

“As an unaligned socialist with an impatience with tribal, partisan politics I set up “The Left Vote” to help highlight all those left of Labour candidates who are trying to use the ballot box to make the world a better place.

“Elections are by no means the only, or even main, area of work for most socialists, most of the time, but they are important. We will never see fundamental change in this country without being able to win significant political support from the electorate and that means it’s worth taking the role of election campaigns more seriously.

“This site aims to help us do that.”


Contact the editor via or @jim_jepps and check out his personal site of occasional thoughts at

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