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The election is coming…

On May 22nd 2014 we’ll see elections to both the European Parliament across, well, Europe and, in many places, elections to local councils – including every single London council seat. Just like last year this site won’t be taking sides but will be highlighting the left campaigns, providing information on their candidates, watching the Green Party target wards and keeping up with the election debates.

The left’s election efforts will, of course, be modest compared to some countries but make no mistake there will be left and progressive councillors and MEPs elected in May, it’s up to us to help decide how many. To find the nearest candidates to you use the hubs for the European elections and council battles.

We’ll be hosting interviews, comment pieces and analysis from a number of perspectives on the left. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful in terms of working out who to support in each election and, hopefully, inspire you to get involved. If you’re interested in reading the site policies on what we cover and how check out our faq which lays it all out in glorious sarcasm-colour.

As ever covering national and international elections is a big job and it’s a work in progress. If you notice that our candidates listings miss out your comrade of choice please do politely let us know either in the comments box or at the contact details below and we’ll update our details. Feel free to contact us with your contributions, guest articles or little snippets of information which will help us create a real resource for the left, whatever flavour of liberation they favour.


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