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Labour win controversial Brighton council by-election

Tonight Labour have narrowly won the Hanover & Elm Grove council by-election in Brighton after a controversial campaign “marred” by bin strikes and public disagreement among Green Party activists.

Labour turned a substantial Green majority into a win by  only 38 votes – a significant victory for them and a serious loss for the Greens.

lb brightonThe successful Labour candidate, Emma Daniel, previously said “I live just across the road from the ward and my little girl is in reception in school in the area. It’s a brilliant area with amazing people and its been lovely to see friends, colleagues and the parents of my daughters’ classmates out and about… I am determined not to let them down. They have fought against CPZ, parts of the ward have ongoing issues with their rubbish collection day and, they want their energy around community activities like the brilliant breast feeding support group and nursery to matched by the council. I promise to do that.”
Green candidate David Gibson said “Thank you to everyone who’s supported me and all who have helped to convince people that I’ll be a hardworking councillor for the ward in which I live, Hanover & Elm Grove.”



Emma Daniel, The Labour and Co-operative Party, 1396 votes – 40%
David Gibson, Green Party, 1358 votes – 39%
Robert Knight, Conservative Party 275 votes – 8%
Patricia Mountain, UKIP 250 votes – 7%
Phil Clarke, Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts, 172 votes 5%
Lev Eakins, Liberal Democrats, 56 votes – 2%

Results in 2011 (click to enlarge):

2011 brighton vote



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