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Unite the union balloting over Political Fund

Unite the union is balloting members on the political fund, which it is legally obliged to do.

They have produced this video of our Len explaining why it’s something the union needs.

It’s an interesting video in that funding for the Labour Party barely features until near the end, which is odd because Unite is the single biggest financial backer of the Party, despite Ed and Len’s high profile tiffs. Labour really would be stuffed if members voted no.

Unite tends to use its fund pretty well for campaigning and of all the unions it has the knack of exerting influence over Labour in a way that more servile unions do not. However, it seems a good moment to ask, while a union’s political fund is a vital tool isn’t it well past time that unions rejected the political monopoly that Labour insists on? If unite were to say they’ll fund Labour candidates who represent the values of the union and candidates for other parties where they are better placed would Labour really turn down their money?

Wouldn’t it broaden the party’s real influence a lot more than the current blank cheque book. Vote yes to keep the fund, but let’s broaden the discussion to whether Labour deserves a monogamous relationship with the country’s biggest union.

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