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Vote for change

by Jim Jepps


Today, we need a vote for change. A vote that helps those trying to make the world a better place gain a foothold in British politics. Don’t vote to keep ukip out, to keep the BNP out or even to keep the Tories out, all that will take care of itself.

The crisis in British politics does not revolve around the least bad parties not getting in but that the positive alternatives are not heard often or loudly enough. We cannot neglect the fact that the stifle Westminster consensus does ten thousand times the damage that Nigel Farage or Nick Griffin ever have or will.

At this election their are hundreds of candidates who are presenting progressive alternatives to the diet of privatisation, austerity and lowest common denominator reactionary pandering.

Be they left-Labour, Green, Tusc, independent, Plaid or a smattering of interesting groupescules there are good people that are well worth casting your vote for. In most wards if you have a choice the choice will be obvious. Be that a Green or Tusc or whatever candidate here are only a few places where you’ll need to make a difficult choice between two good people.

Where you do have to make a choice you may want to consider which candidate is likely to make the most waves and get the best result. You should try to find out a little about the candidate if you haven’t already as all candidates are not the same regardless of label.

However you decide to vote today vote for positive change. Politics has to be about hope rather than fear of media fueled bogey men. We need to shift politics to the left, and sadly most Labour candidates will not do that – with some honourable exceptions.

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