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Into the twitter-zone!

In keeping with these so called modern times The Left Vote has set up one of those new fangled tweet-o-matic thingies. You can find us at @theleftvote where we will not be informing you of what we’ve had for breakfast, but we will highlight new posts, by-election results, interesting articles and pieces of news from all over the world (of interest to left election nerds and their fellow travelers).

We will be going into hyper drive over Thursday’s results (most of which will actually be counted on Friday, just so you know) and so if you have any results, tit bits or pictures of Nigel Farage crying please do tweet them on, or use that terribly old fashioned device the “email” at the usual editorial address.

We aim to be the one stop socialist shop for news of the elections and the more help we get from you the better the resource will be.


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